DGTLJ Features

• Expert Gemmologist / Graders
• High class Gemmological Equipment
• Advance Software with ablility to track your certificate online .
• Continuing education to maintain the highest level of accuracy possible
• Every Certificate issued by DGTLJ carries a unique certificate number that can by tracked online. With the help of the track
   certificate option on the WWW. DGTLJ.COM in website, Consumers can easily that and verify their certificates along with their
   product image with detail – All Online.
• Every certificate issued by DGTLJ Provides, the Confidence, Security, Credibility, Satisfaction and Peace of mind to the
   consumer or buyer which they were promised.
Online Verification Every certificate we can check online easily with the product image.
Certificate Images :  PanCard, Medium Card, Post Card, A4 certificate Image.

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