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Diamond and gem testing laboratory

who provide Diamond , Gemstone, Jewellery certificates, Programs and Services. Diamond and gem testing laboratory is an Independent Gem Laboratory That Identifies, Grade and Certificates Diamond, Gemstone and Jewellery Reports. DGTLJ was established with the Objective of Protecting Consumers by Providing Them with the Quality Independent Gemmological Services.

1.DGTLJ Mission:
A. To Enhance the Consumers and Jewellers Trust & Confidence by providing them reliable and consistent Jewellery
    certification and grading services by maintaining the highest level of ethics and standard of Professionalism.
B. DGTLJ Certificate are Graded and Identified by Experienced Gemmologist and Graders
C. DGTLJ Use High Class Equipments For Its Identification Or Jewellery Grading.
D. DGTLJ Issues Very Simple And Understanding report to Consumer or Jewellers.
E. DGTLJ Gemmologist are Expert  Give Systematic Grading Report , Identifies Gemstone and Treatment of Stones
2. Our Vision :
We believe in Purity and Quality of the gems, with long lasting relation of Customer with DGTLJ family. DGTLJ family takes privilege in serving the request of our customers by building a strong everlasting relationship with customers that reflects our almost devotion towards work.
3. Our Mission :
Purity of Gems reflects on the certificate provided by us . we want to provide certificate of purity and quality of gemstones and treatment reports.
4. Value Statement :
Our Value statement comprehends divinity and purity of the gems. Customer satisfaction as our main strength. With the Occurrences of new technology we believe in providing 100% pure Gemstone identification and Diamond Grade report by testing through our laboratory. We believe in maintaining healthy and long lasting customer relation by keeping our organization values.

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